Install global firmware

China phone can not flash global firmware without unlock. After unlock, you can free to flash any firmware, ROM

Special function

Remove FRP, remove Mi lock, Bypass Mi relock, Root, Enable Diag...

Remove Mi Cloud

Remove/Bypass Micloud to continue Xiaomi phone which is locked or forgot Xiaomi account

Other mods

Free to remove FRP (Google account) if you forgot. Root your phone. Install google camera, etc...


Model Model code Need auth?
Mi6 sagit No
Mi6X wayne No
Mi8 dipper Yes
Mi8SE sirius Yes
Mi8EE ursa Yes
Mi8Pro equuleus Yes
Mi8Lite platina Ussually No
Mi9SE grus Yes
MiCC9/Mi9 Lite pyxis Yes
MiCC9Meitu vela Yes
MiMax2 (NEW) oxygen No
MiMax3 nitrogen Ussually No
MiNote3 jason No
MiMix2 chiron No
MiMix2S polaris Yes
MiPad4 clover No
RedmiNote3 kenzo/kate No
RedmiNote5 whyred Ussually No
RedmiNote6 (NEW) tulip Ussually No
RedmiNote7 lavender Ussually No
RedmiNote5A ugg No
RedmiNote5ALite ugglite No
Redmi4Prime markw No
RedmiS2 ysl No
Redmi7 onclite Yes
PocoPhoneF1 beryllium Yes


There are 3 planes for you. Select your own fit plane

One time unlock

$20.00 / day
(1 PC active)

  • 24h license
  • Unlimit time unlock
  • Full function working
  • Free to use remote USB
  • NO include flash auth
  • 24/7 working
Unlock now

PC activation

$70.00 / pc
(1 PC active)

  • Unlimit time unlock
  • lifetime license
  • Free to change PC
  • Free to use remote USB
  • NO include flash auth
  • 24/7 working
Active now


$50.00 / pcs (from 2nd PC)

  • Price from 2nd order
  • Cheaper than $20
  • Free to change PC
  • lifetime license
  • NO include flash auth
  • 24/7 Support
Active now

Who can use Mi UBL Tool?

Any one can use computer can use PC easily

A Xiaomi phone owner

Unlock yourself with best price

A Technician

Active for your PC to make money from it

A Reseller

Sell for other customers to ean money

Easy to Use

Easy to use, one click operator
Image button guide
Testpoint image

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